An Interview with Quarry Doll


WHO IS QUARRY DOLL.  Phoenix-Blu Coyle is a London fashion stylist, director and the Creator of the ‘Quarry Dolls’.

IN THE BEGINNING. ‘I grew up by the North Sea in England to the electrifying sounds of Ziggy Stardust and the Diamond Dogs, consequently reinvention, transformations, cosmetics and dolls became an obsession of mine, long before the recent Human Doll movement in Eastern Europe.

STYLING Quarry Doll signature style is styling-haute couture off kilter.

FILM. Quarry Doll styles, directs and produces fashion films.

RAIN. Quarry Doll also specializes in RAIN shoots, campaigns and films. ‘Many people dislike the rain but I’m the opposite, I just love the sound and vision of rain and how at night, city lights reflect in puddles and on pavements, to me it’s magical!




‘VUTTONIA’ a fashion film I styled, directed and produced in 2017, was a commission from Central Saint Martins on behalf of Louis Vuitton.


The Storyline

Vuittonia, a wealthy, aging aristocrat is bereft when her husband dies. She literally goes mad. This bereavement manifests itself in Vuittonia becoming scared and paranoid people may steal her Family Jewels. She proceeds to do something you would not believe, which inadvertently becomes cathartic. This is a moving story about Mental Health and the Human Spirit’s ability to overcome adversity.
The inspiration for Vuittonia was Louis Vuitton, Gormenghast and Edith Sitwell. This Film features exquisite Haute Couture styled Off Kilter in typical Quarry Doll style.



Vuittonia, currently a 3 minute film featuring exquisite haute couture styled off kilter, has immeasurable potential to be a feature film, interested parties should contact quarrydoll@gmail.com





I began fashion styling in 2015 and started to produce entire shoots, casting only the best models and makeup artists from the club scene to play out my leftfield, controversial visions.

Beauty and Brains are the holy grail and using the science of cosmetics we can radically transform the human face.

Soon I began directing short films on all my fashion shoots, submitting both stills and films to zines. The first film I created in 2016, astonishingly aired at Fashion Film Festival Milano, shown alongside high net worth brands Gucci, Chanel, Valentino and McQueen.

I would say my work is conceptual art with an unnerving aesthetic, welded with historic, aristocratic references. I literally sift references from everything I see. I get off on creating portals into other worlds and I’m obsessed with cosmetics, transformation and dolls.



APPOINTMENTS quarrydoll@gmail.com
Kensington, London.






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