Phoenix-Blu Coyle, known as Quarrydolls, is a stylist, creative director, writer, film director and the creator of the Quarrydolls. ‘I grew up in the North of England, near Newcastle where it seemed to constantly rain. My fixation for Dolls is an obsession I execute using a menagerie of specially curated, cosmetic Quarrydoll Models in a series of disciplines such as fashion and film, cross-pollinated with multi-references, resulting in parallel other-worlds to escape, entertain and inspire’ Image – Quarrydoll Ivy.


‘Not many people have seen Quarry Dolls, but if by chance you do, you will know it and never forget it, until the day you die!’ Image – Quarry Doll Ava.


Quarry Doll collaborates with other artists, movie productions, brands and private clients. Quarrydolls is available for styling and creatively directing; fashion brands, runway, tv, commercials, music vids, celebrities and feature films.


BANDS. Quarrydolls has worked with the likes of Duran Duran for Bafta director Alison Jackson, also styling the late Leigh Bowery’s band Minty. Quarrydolls is known for styling haute couture off kilter, melding different eras and artefacts creating something new.

Duran Duran Video 2022


FILM. In 2018 Quarrydolls directed and produced ‘Vuittonia’ a cake film idea for Louis Vuitton. And in 2017 her first film, made on a student budget, ‘Quarrydoll and the Colour of Magic’ was nominated alongside Dior, Gucci and McQueen at FFF Milano. ‘I would say my unique selling point, is the execution of high net worth aesthetics on a restricted budget’.


HORROR MOVIE. Today Quarrydolls is working on her psychological Horror Movie ‘Prussia and the Birdman’.


Quarrydolls is available to style and creatively direct runway shows.


Up in the Quarry, the Dolls often retreat to Rain Cafes where they take Silver Needles Tea and recharge their mind’s to the sound of the rain water gushing down the Quarry gullies.



‘To quote a fan ‘How does something like that, even exist in someone’s imagination!’.


Clients, Collaborators, Features.
British Vogue, Louis Vuitton, Central Saint Martins, LCF,  Tinsel Tokyo, Stuttgarter, Germany Midwinter FFF, Milano FFF, Minty Band Leigh Bowery, Duran Duran Band for Alison Jackson, Pansy Mag, Tyne O’Connell,  First Models London, Model Moon, Dennis Da Silva.



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