Quarry Doll Stylist


Phone: 0750 300 1119 (London)
Email: glampiretv@gmail.com


Quarry Doll Styling and Art Direction

My name is Phoenix Blu Coyle and I’m an anti-fashion, experimental fashion stylist and art director based in Kensington, West London, working under the name QUARRY DOLL. In short I create strangely beautiful fashion images and fashion films. I have only been styling for one year but because of my unapologetic, controversial, honest aesthetic I am already getting substantial interest from photographers and film directors from across Europe. My first Fashion Shoot got featured on the cover of Feroce Mag and my first Fashion Film got short listed for the Fashion Film Festival Milano 2016.

I often bring along my own HUMAN DOLL TEAM of strangely beautiful Models plus extreme Makeup Artists to shoots I style.

I specialize in controversial cinematic fashion shoots and films. I often write fantasy editorial to go with my own shoots to give the shoots strong direction and themes. I usually insist on being part of the photo selection process and Post Production where possible.

About me. I’m caustic & cosmetic with an alchemist Human Doll Pathology that can’t be bought in the shops, you’re all just TOYS to me lol. I’m interested incollaborating with like minded ingenious virtuoso’s.

I’m especially interested in styling or art directing Movies.

To discuss a fashion shoot or film message me..

Email glampiretv@gmail.com
Phone London 07503001119