11 Mobile Makeover. 1 Hour Makeover at home. £49.99

Makeover before an event

Day or Night

Pro Makeup Artist

Flawless Makeup

Glam Makeup



Mobile Makeup Class. £99.99

2 Hour Makeup Lesson

Learn Makeup Tips

Friendly Service

Learn from Home

Free Makeup Chart

Flawless Makeup.




Wedding Makeup £599

Bridal Makeup

Bridesmaids Makeup

Flawless Wedding Makeup

Makeup Rehearsal

Friendly Service



Model Portfolio £500

Online consultation.

3 Makeup Looks.

Own Outfits X 3

Photoshoot in Studio.

15 Photos Retouched.




3 Day Makeup Course £1000

Intensive Makeup Course

Day 1 Day Makeup

Day 2 Glam Makeup

Day 3 Human Doll Makeup



in the Studio. Members only.

Makeover and Tea Party. Members only. Discount for Birthday Parties.

Makeover, Tea Party and Photoshoot. Members only.

Aqua Makeover, Tea Party and Underwater Shoot. Members only.

Pro Fashion Shoot with Makeup, Art Direction and Styling. Members only.

VIP Makeover, Spa, Car, Ice Bar. Members only.